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Global Textile Manufacturing Partners
Manufacturing Partners

At HYS Textile Source, we work with a wide array of manufacturing partners the world over to supply your company with the right textile products to meet your needs.

A Wider Array Of Products
Array of Textile Products

With more than 20 years of expertise in the field, we strive to bring you the best products at the absolute lowest prices possible. We can source anything from textiles to textile-related products. If you do not see what you want, just ask us and we will do our best to find a quality, highly affordable source for it.

Our Assurance to You
Textiles Assistance Assurance

You can rely on HYS’s unique combination of quality products and equipment, along with the expertise and technological know-how that help us to earn your trust. It is these attributes that allow us to become not only your HYS Textile Source but also your BEST SOURCE.

Market Your Products Worldwide
Marketing Textiles Assistance Assurance

If you are a small-to-mid-size manufacturer, HYS Textile Source can market your products worldwide. Our unique system provides highly affordable access to and orders from customers you could not otherwise reach.

HYS Textile Source’s Unique Approach
HYS Textile Source

At HYS Textile Source, we utilize our unique set of licensed and patented software and online marketing tools to promote and sell products for our supply partners. These tools allow our suppliers to stay ahead of competition and do so at the lowest possible cost.

Results Not Just Listings
Textiles Products Listing

Lots of sites are simply directories with “phone book” lists of suppliers. HYS Textile Source is an order generation resource. We actively promote your products online and broker deals for them. Want some random listing? See the other guys. Want real sales results? Come to HYS Textile Source.

The products your company supplies are an absolute “must have” for our industry. The towels add a great appearance for our clients as they don’t fade or stain. They appear brand new - like the 1st day we received them. HY Supplies has exceeded our expectations!
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